How Equestrians Know It Is Springtime

March 9 without blanket

1) You take your horse’s blanket off the final time and send it to be cleaned.

2) Your horse ejects hair at such an alarming rate and you consider if Hair Club for Horses might be needed.

3) Your car has so much horse hair in it you think the horses may have gone joy riding while you slept.

4) The printer runs out of ink because you printed too many show prize lists.

5) The excess funds you accumulated all winter are gone after you enter two shows.

6) Your horses look like bloodhounds as they search out the first blades of grass.

7) As your horse wanders around his paddock, you pray that the nails of his shoes will keep them secured to his hooves and not sucked into a muddy oblivion.

8) You arrive at the barn to find this…

Muddy Cigar

9) Once you clean your horse, you hope that he remains clean for the Coggins photo.

10) You debate the merits of brown boots, mud brown pants, and tan shirts.

11) You rejoice that you sweat during your ride rather than wondering if frostbite has set in on your fingers.

12) Daylight savings time means you no longer have to get blinded by the setting sun when you ride after work.

13) You are more excited at the thought of the new spring tack catalogs rather than the seed catalogs.

14) You shudder at the thought of spring cleaning the tack room.  Evidence suggests that the Mouse King now lives in your tack box.

15) You are so excited to be in the saddle again that you suffer from memory loss about all your summer complaints about heat, bugs, and sunburn.

We might still be days away from the official start of spring, but Ike and I wish you warm spring thoughts everyone!