Huff and Puff and Blow Your Horse Down

Windy spring day in Virginia with a seasonable temperature of 65 but winds were steady around 20 mph with stronger gusts.  Although he could not cope with the winter winds while pretending to graze in his paddock, Ike is typically cooperative under saddle even on the most blustery days.  He faired better than I did today.  While I rode, the nose was runny and the eyes tearing from the combination of wind and pollen.  It is a really special look.  Not really sure why it has not caught on as a trend.

We had a few moments of defiance during our warmup- no acrobatics or airs above the ground, just a little resistance to listening to my aids as we fed off onto a circle.  A couple of one rein flexes later, we were back in our groove and had some hint of flexion and bending around my leg.  We’ve starting incorporating basic dressage test movements into our work in preparation for our first centerline of the season on April 29th.  Turns onto and off of centerline have some sway, halts have haunches shifting to the right, and the long diagonals are a tad wavy.  Getting the right lead canter is a 50/50 proposition.  I have to keep reminding myself that HE IS ONLY THREE!  Patience young Jedi, patience.


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