Please turn off all electronic devices

These days it seems that we are always available. There is the home phone, cell phone, work phone, maybe even a work cell phone. Don’t worry if you are talking to someone, most of us have call waiting and voicemail, so there is no worry that you will miss any important offers from the newest telemarketer. We have laptops, iPads, and internet access on our phones. How many email accounts do you have?

If you Google ” cell phone holder for horseback riders,” you can find various holders to strap to your leg so you never need to miss a call while sitting astride your horse. While this could be useful while on the trails in case of emergency, I find that I like to disconnect during my time with Ike. The only time the phone comes into the barn is while waiting for the vet or farrier.

The barn is my escape from the constant bombardment of everyday life. I escape into my alterego of Super Rider. OK, so I’m not a Grand Prix rider, but I can dream.  For the two or three hours I’m at the barn, I am fully present.  In the 6 years I’ve taken dressage lessons, I’ve learned that 1) I know next to nothing, and 2) the more I know, the harder it is.  I’ve got to block out the external noise to really focus to make my body parts do what they have to do at the very moment they can affect the horse’s movement.  If I lose focus, then poor Ike stands little chance at succeeding.  Right now steering Ike is more like turning a Mac truck without power steering.  I need all the focus and strength I’ve got.  We only have 30 days until the show.

p.s. I promise to post a more recent photo soon.  I brought the camera today, but that “focus” thing got the best of me and I forgot I brought it until after my lesson was over.


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