Trailer Work, Part 2, 3, 4…

No riding today, just more trailer work and we definitely need it.  Perhaps I was lulled into a false sense of optimism.

This past Friday, Ike was a star at trailer loading.  Ike is now very proficient at backing off the trailer, so it was time to introduce the side ramp. The beauty of the side ramp is that the horse unloads head first so they can see where they are going.  He walked right up the rear ramp on Friday and even used the side ramp a couple of times without any hijinks.

Today, well, let’s just say that he had an “Ike tantrum.”  Nothing like other horses’ tantrums, who I shall not name to protect their identities, his tantrum tends to be more of the growing roots variety.  There is a definite “NO” in his demeanor.  Recalling my new mantra of, patience, patience, patience, I plopped myself down in the trailer with the pink bucket of oats and waited.  My trainer’s husband also got in the trailer and waited.  Ike pawed the ramp, put two feet on the ramp, backed up, turned sideways, try to graze, and pawed the ramp again.  “Mom, will you just give me the bucket.”  He then walked on and quickly backed off without any oats.  The stood and looked at me.  Too bad I can’t give him the camera to take a photo from his vantage point.  I can only imagine what I must look like sitting in the trailer while shaking the pink bucket.

Fortunately, this session ended after only 30 minutes.  The desire for oats was too great and he finally conceded.  With no further drama, he walked up the ramp, calmly ate his oats, and walked right down the side ramp.  Daily trailer practice will recommence tomorrow.

Eeek, it is April 1st, 28 days until the show…


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