Action Shots!

Long over due, but here is an updated “posed photo” as well as Ike under saddle.  He was a bit strong in the hand today.  Half halt?  What is that?  I don’t know what that means.  Perhaps a photo session right before dinner was not the best idea. We are a work in progress and I must remember my mantra – patience, patience, patience.  I can already see my sister-in-law grinning as she reads this.

We took this shot to use for comparison to a similar one that was taken last year when I rode him in Florida.

And now trotting…

If only my upper body was more relaxed the above would be a better photo.  I think Ike looks handsome, but don’t all horse moms think that of their four legged children?

And another trot photo

I have a renewed appreciation for photographers who take action shots of horses.  We took 40 today, but many were just not at the right point of the stride for photo purposes.  My hats off to them.  And I’ve got to relax those arms and shoulders!

And a left lead canter…

Sit back Alison, sit back!

Time is ticking away.  T-minus 26 days.  Ugh.


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