I like Ike

It turns out that having a horse named after our 34th President can be really cool.  I found this old campaign button on Ebay (http://www.ebay.com) around Christmas time.  It is the perfect size for my husband to pin to his ballcap to show his support for us when we are out and about.  Luckily it is small enough so that he can hide it in a pocket if he wants to deny any relationship should we exhibit less than desirable behavior.

The best find on Ebay was the following:

Yes, that is right, I have a stock pin with my horse’s name!  I couldn’t risk not winning the item so I did the purchase now option.  Since I will be sitting astride Ike, I will be required to claim ownership no matter what.  I’m just hoping that Ike has been ignoring the war stories from his “older brother.”  My Thoroughbred was well known at local dressage shows, but it wasn’t for his stellar performances.  His antics were numerous and I always played defense – ready at a moments notice to shut down the explosion.  The gallop down centerline sticks out in my mind.  Hey, at least we were straight.

Ike’s centerlines have improved the past few months.  We’ve found that I must sit perfectly still once we make the turn.  Ike hears every shift of my weight or the slightest pressure from my leg.  He does tend to keep his weight to the right in the halt.  Tried using my leg to stop the shift, but then he over-corrects and we are then more crooked than before.  We will live with status quo for the time being.

He was spot on today.  The canter is coming as he grows stronger.  His “try” is what makes him such a special horse.  He gives his best every ride and never holds a grudge.  Can’t ask for more than that.


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