Feeling Moldy

So this spring went from summer drought-like conditions to enough rain that I’m feeling moldy from the constant wetness.  The grass at home will be a foot tall before it dries out enough to be cut.  Maybe it is a good thing we can get Ike on the trailer.  He can come home with me and  “cut” our grass – OK, OK, the weeds.  I wonder what our downtown neighbors will think of our new lawn mower?  Really officer, he is a VERY large Great Dane…

Since it was not the best riding day, but the rain had dwindled to a mist for a spell, I decided that it was a fine opportunity to practice our loading.  Why not?  As you can see from the photo above, Ike was again a star.  Didn’t want to belabor the point, so after the first success, he got to have a snack of hay in his stall.

Unlike his brother who was head-to-toe mud, Ike was spotless, so there was not even any grooming to be done.  We just had some neck rubs and ear scratches and enjoyed each other’s company.

Tomorrow is my barn-free day and will be Ike’s first break from his trailer practice.  We passed the first test of me being able to load alone.  Now will we be able to continue our success after a day off?  Come back Wednesday night and find out.


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