Crabby Patty

We all deserve to have an off day every now and then and today was Ike’s day.  Can’t blame it on the heat because it was still in the 70s when I rode.  Can’t blame it on the green heads since they had not yet made a Sunday morning appearance.  Either Ike woke up on the wrong side of the stall or it was a heck of an equine Memorial Day party at the barn last night.  In either case, I had to try and work through the crankiness to call the day a success.  Even when I captured his attention in the photo below, I can see that he is just not himself, “Just take the picture and let’s get this done” it seems to say to me. There was ear pinning while I tightened the girth, hoof stomping as I applied fly spray, and then it was time to mount His Royal Cranky Pants.  When I’d pick up contact with the reins, Ike would quickly raise his nose and push with the lower neck muscles.  No, Ike, that is NOT an acceptable response, please try again.  Brace, yank, push, ear pinning.  Sigh, growing pains.  A four-year-old tantrum from the 1200 pound child.  Fun.  I never did achieve a true over-the-back connection today.  I recorded the first part of my ride (the camera shut itself off after about 8 minutes…I guess it couldn’t stand to record any more of the battle.)  From the video, things don’t look too awful, but boy did it feel awful while aboard HR Cranky Pants.  Once I edit the video, I will post so you can be part of the fun.  Lots of one rein flexes today and quick transitions in hopes of shutting down the yuck to get to a happy place.  Never really found it.

The one good note for the day:  Ike walked right on the trailer without hesitation.  Yes, it was the only good note.

Tomorrow is another day…


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