Hi everyone, it’s Ike.  I have hijacked Mom’s blog for the day, so that I can get a few words out there for everyone to read.  Mom tells me all the time that she is so very happy that I am part of the family.  I think she means it, especially after what Cigar tells me what he used to do to her.  I really do try to listen and do what she wants.

The trip from Florida to Virginia last year took two days, but I had a traveling companion who was headed to New Jersey to keep me company.  We traveled at night because it was August and it was hot during the day.  We stopped in North Carolina to stretch our legs and get some rest before the final leg to my new home.  My home is a very nice farm in rural Virginia.  Besides my best buddy Lady and brother Cigar, there are 5 other horses that live with me.  Most of them are nice enough, but this one chestnut mare makes mean faces at me every time I walk by her stall.  Don’t know what I did to make her dislike me so much!!

I’m still not sure I like the cold winters in Virginia.  That funny white stuff on the ground was certainly odd.  I tried to run fast and hover above the stuff, but as soon as I’d stop, it would touch my feet again.  Everyone tells me that I should see what it is like with a lot of the white stuff on the ground.  No thanks.  I will make Mom take me back to Florida for the winter if that is the case.  After all, I do have a cool new trailer to ride in now and hopefully by next winter Mom will know how to park the truck so she doesn’t tear the side mirror off.  Ha ha.  I’m still not telling what the nice gentleman whispered in my ear that got me over my fear of the trailer.

Ms. C and Mr. D take good care of me.  I always get extra goodies in my feed bucket and a pat or neck rub when they come to the barn.  They have the most delicious hay; Ms. C is very particular about what she buys.  I think it is because she likes me so much that she only wants the best for me and the others.

Mom tells me that we are leaving the farm again this weekend to go to another dressage show.  The last one was fine.  The horses in the barn area made me very nervous with all their neighing.  Thank goodness Ms. C was there to help me since Mom was too nervous.  Mom likes the ribbons we received.  I’m not so impressed since I can’t eat them.  The coolest part was that I had my very own cheering section telling me what a good job I did.  I hope they come see me again.

I was a good boy under saddle today.  Got over my weekend funk.  I’m entitled to a bad day every now and then right?  I really like to canter, but Mom made me work on my trot today.  She says we are going for an 8 for our trot work.  Don’t know what that means except that I won’t be cantering.  Bummer.

Cigar tells me that the dogs have a pending lawsuit against her for crimes against canines (something to do with not enough treats being dispensed and the fact that they are expected to sleep on dog beds rather than her bed) and that they are waiting for the SPCA or The Humane Society to help their cause.  I have to say that I’m pretty happy with my life in Virginia, and at this point, do not see the need to put my name on any legal paperwork….yet.

I’ll borrow the computer again soon.   Ike


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