Another Successful Day

So we survived another dressage show.  Ike has two more ribbons to add to his collection – a blue one and a red one.  I could not be prouder of my big boy.

As you can see I decided to braid albeit not my best even for cheater braids.  I placed the braids in on Saturday morning while Ike stood patiently in his paddock with the lead rope draped over the fence.  I, of course, forgot to bring the Quick Braid out with me and was too lazy to go back to get it, so we forged on without it.  The braids were a little worse for the wear this morning, but rolled them up, picked hooves, ran a brush over Ike’s back and onto the trailer he went.  My husband was in shock at the transformation in Ike’s attitude toward the trailer.

Turns out we were the first ride of the day just like at the last show.  Ike was a bit uptight not having a lot of company.  There was one other horse and Ike decided that they were going to be buds.  Whinnied and worried whenever he could no longer see it.  I could feel the tension building and the trot getting more and more choppy – asked for canter so he could free himself from that nervousness.  It helped to some degree, but then he was alone again for our first ride.  Intro C – 63.8% – we had high points and low points.  Ike nailed both our centerlines.  We had a small spook right after our first turn which got us the comment “drifting on and off the line.”  No duh.  Ike almost picked up the wrong lead, but a quick half halt and we saved the right lead canter circle.  We lost impulsion as we would feed off onto our trot circles, but I feared he would break into canter if I pushed for more.  High point for me was our left lead canter…7!  Yea for us.  Progress.

We only had two riders in between our rides, so we just chilled at the competition arena.  Intro B was up next – 70.3% – go Ike!  I could feel the lack of tension as we rode the test and knew that our score would be better.  Everything was more fluid including our circles.  Just one giraffe neck moment as we made the turn at the judge’s stand.  High point this test?  Centerline:  8 for the entry and 9 for the final line.  Call me silly, but I still remember the first time I ever got a 9 in a dressage test;  I think I even still have that test saved somewhere.

Need to thank Ike’s Fan Club for coming to cheer him on today.  We appreciate all of you taking the time to come support us!!  Thank you as well to the owners of Lucks Glen Farm.  Lovely facility and great dressage schooling show.

Ike is taking the day off tomorrow, but Mom will be hard at work cleaning tack and the trailer.  Two weeks until we head back to Commonwealth where we will make our Training Level debut. Hmm…


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