Rain Delay

Our area got some much-needed rain today, so no riding and I used a head shot from a sunnier day since the indoor shots aren’t always the most flattering.  The Fair Weather Fairy and his friends were happily munching hay indoors during the heaviest showers.  Not a big deal since there really aren’t any major breakthroughs that we can or will have in these last 5 days before the show.  Unfortunately there are no overnight miracle cures for establishing a balanced canter.  There is that darn lesson in patience again.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Ike and I will have our lesson with Ms. C tomorrow to confirm the skills we do have and to sketch out our show day warm up plans.  We are going to bring the tractor into the ring as a substitute judge’s booth.  Many of our low scores were down at the judge’s end of the arena at the last show, so I will try to keep Ike’s attention as Ms. C shakes papers as we ride by.  Can’t keep giving up those points and half points in case we need them to make up for the lack of stretch down trot.

p.s. The chipmunk boy is back to normal.  Thank goodness we were able to avoid a vet visit.  Cigar was full of himself today in his paddock.  Bucking in place like he just couldn’t stand still.  Perhaps a side effect from the antihistamine?  Or just a Thoroughbred being a Thoroughbred?


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