Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Miserable, simply miserable.  This is July/August heat and it is only June.  At this rate we will be riding with ice packs stuffed down our shirts by August.  This heat has even made the bugs mad so they are particularly pesky to the perspiring ponies.  Ike just couldn’t take the great outdoors for all that long and somehow convinced Ms. C to bring him to the sanctuary of his stall.  Ms. C tried putting Ike back outside a couple of more times, but he protested enough to find his way back to his stall for the remainder of the day.  He has earned the new nickname of Weenie.  But don’t worry about Ike being alone in the barn, his friend Wussy (the chestnut mare who tries to bite Ike) was also enjoying the shady respite of the barn.

It is interesting to note that the green heads and horse flies don’t follow the horses into the barn.  The barn doors are wide open, the windows are wide open, but the only flies in the barn are the common house flies.  Why is that?  Are there different intelligence levels in flies?  Are they visually challenged so they cannot discern the doors and windows?  Of course, there are enough of the house flies to be annoying, but they come nowhere near the evilness of the green heads and horse flies.  Maybe Weenie and Wussy are smarter than we think…


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