Remembering Our First Ride

My friend Ms. CS took this photo last Saturday right after Ike had his cold hosing.  I absolutely love this picture of him.  I think it really captures his sweet nature and easy going personality.  Writing this blog has really kept me on task with taking regular photos of Ike.  I look back at the photos from last August and over the past 11 months and can see his personality emerging as well as muscles and a topline.

I don’t think I ever shared any of the Florida photos of Ike.  Here is the very first photo I took of him as he was getting tacked for my first ride.

He was very good for grooming and tacking even as a very green three-year-old.

And here I am sitting on his back for the very first time…I have to say that I was a bit nervous.  He had been under saddle for around a month when I came shopping.  Bianca assured me that he was a sane youngster.  Anyone who rides knows that the first time you sit on a new horse, there is a “get-to-know-you” period where you have to figure each other out.  What does the horse know how to do?  How much do I squeeze my legs for a trot without sending the horse to the moon?  Do I barely have to squeeze the reins for a halt or scream “WHOA!” at the top of my lungs while pulling back with every ounce of energy I have?  While you are thinking about all this, the horse is trying to figure out whether or not they are going to listen to anything you have to say.

I’d never spent much time around green horses.  Most of my experience has been with well-seasoned lesson horses who are in a class by themselves at figuring out a rider’s ability in under 10 seconds.  My Thoroughbred was technically not green when I bought him, but he was “green” in the fact that he had to start from square one with dressage training.  He was a challenge, but it taught me a lot about being a rider and not just a passenger.  There is no being a passenger on a green horse…I have to ride every stride and be there to remind and reward.  The greatest reward is feeling and seeing the progress Ike has made.  Can’t wait to see where we go.


One thought on “Remembering Our First Ride

  1. Such a pretty boy! I remember the first time I rode Royce, I had sever PTSD from a nearly paralyzing accident. He just stood still and didn’t move a muscle. I knew right then that he was the perfect horse for me.

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