But Mom, I Really Have to Go

My ride today just felt odd.  Have you ever been on your horse and although there is nothing screaming this is where the problem is, you know that your horse’s movement is just not right?  We’d be trucking along at the trot, but all of a sudden Ike would suck back and slow down.  I’d say go, and because he’s a fine fellow, he would go.  If I didn’t keep reminding him to go, he’s again suck back.  He would canter without a fuss in both directions and both leads felt solid.  The walk and free walk were normal, but just not as forward as other days.  What the heck was going on?!?

Well, I got my answer right after I turned Ike out in his paddock.  I had no sooner walked back to the barn and turned to wave goodbye, when I saw the boy parked out and peeing like a racehorse.  Ah, that is why he didn’t want to go.  Can’t say that I blame him.  When I really have to go but for whatever reason I have to wait, I squirm, cross my legs, and develop a really choppy stride as well.  (Hmm, that just might be TMI.)  Needless to say that I then felt bad for making him push on for 30 minutes.  Maybe I should teach him to ring bells to let me know he needs a potty break.

The next show entry has been mailed.  Going for Training Test 1 and Test 2 again on August 18th at the Virginia Dressage Association’s Chapter Challenge Show at beautiful Rose Mount Farm in Spotsylvania, VA (http://www.rosemountfarm.com/).  Very excited to represent my local chapter and hoping that Ike and I can have a repeat performance of last Sunday.

Also trying to decide what to do to celebrate Ike’s one year anniversary.  Ike would really like a screened in and fully covered paddock for protection from the bugs and elements, but we all know that isn’t happening…any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “But Mom, I Really Have to Go

  1. This happened to me the other day as well! Hacking out with my mare….only instead of waiting until we were home, she actually went while I was still riding! The only horse I’ve ever ridden who has done that so far for me…guess she must have a painfully small bladder!

  2. Poor horse of yours. Sometimes it would be really good if they could say stuff like that directly. Good luck for your next test!

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