Wellington Memories

                                                          Photo by High Time Photography

As Ike and I close in on one year in our partnership, I’ve been thinking back to the trip to Wellington, Florida last August.  Yes, I know, I know, who goes to Wellington in August?  Crazy people like me looking for a horse.

The trip of course included flying, which is never much fun anymore.  Ms. C and I decided to make the trek with only carry on luggage for fear that the luggage would go MIA in Atlanta and we’d be without our stuff.  Well it was definitely a challenge to fit everything into my suitcase and “one personal item.”  Not only did I have tall boots and a riding helmet (which is not carry on size luggage friendly in any way, shape, or form), I had my quart bag of toiletries (that fits next to nothing), regular clothing, riding clothes, a laptop, a camera, a video camera, all the cords for said electronics, and a notebook filled with information on potential horses.  Heaven only knows what airport security thought when my bags went through the scanner.  Probably a good thing I left the spurs at home; I’d probably still be sitting in the security office of the Richmond Airport.

Ms. C and I still reminisce about the tack stores in Wellington.  There was time to kill our second day, so what better way to spend it than poking around the mecca of horsey stores in Wellington.  We only dream of having so many stores with so many items here at home.  Stores with brands I’ve never seen and haven’t seen since.  Leather goods that make a rider’s heart flutter.  The boots in one store invoked instantaneous boot lust.  They were way too pretty to ever see the inside of the barn, and unfortunately, way too pricey for someone who was shopping for a horse.  I did spend an inordinate amount of time admiring them in the store.  I did manage to purchase some polo wraps, a shirt, and a bridle that all had to be mashed into the carry on bags as well.  I was half tempted to wear the bridle as a necklace and my helmet as a hat, but in this day of Instagram, I wisely chose not to go that route…my suitcase barely fit in the overhead.

If you’ve never been to Wellington and need a recommendation on a hotel – the Hampton Inn & Suites was fabulous.  No questionable linens or unexplained odors in this hotel.  Plenty of outlets for all my electronic devices.  No one looks at you funny when you walk around in riding gear.  They even had cookies at the front desk. 🙂 Never did see the pool, but really didn’t miss it.

One other observation about Wellington – there are some AMAZING homes, barns and arenas in that town.  And that is just what I could see from the road.  I doubt the owners would have welcomed us with open arms were we to have just popped out of our car for a “look-see.”

One of these days I’d love to head back to Wellington when the season is in full swing and swoon at the shiny horseflesh.  I read that Uthopia and Valegro (two of Great Britain’s gold-winning dressage mounts) will most likely go up for sale after the Olympics.  Maybe they will head across the pond and dazzle Florida audiences.  In my dreams, maybe Ike will dazzle them too.


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