Brotherly Love and other such Nonsense

Do you ever wonder what your horses talk about when you are not around?  Heck, I worry about what Cigar tells Ike when I’m standing right in front of them.  I have tried to tell Ike that it is in his best interest to NOT listen to anything Cigar tells him, but I’m pretty sure that goes in one ear and out the other.  Don’t younger siblings always want to be as cool as their older ones?

Today was dewormer day.  And at least thus far, Ike is more cooperative when it is time to administer dewormer.  Getting medication into Cigar is always an argument – much like getting carrots into my younger brother when we were little, “if you make me eat them, I will spit them out.”  I have developed a relatively successful method after many failed attempts.  I hook my right hand over Cigar’s nose while hiding what is in my left hand.  There is usually some backing up, the raising of the head and nose, and a feeble attempt to bite me.  The left hand then swiftly inserts the tube into the side of Cigar’s mouth and I plunge in the paste.  Typically I end up wearing a good third of the contents of the tube or see it fly into the shavings.  At least the dewormer paste is inexpensive.  I watched about $25 worth of Ulcergard hit the stall wall years ago.

I then received the evil eye.  I tried to make peace with a treat, but Cigar spit it out at my feet.  Awesome.  He then tried to bite Ike.  I’m feeling the love.

I waited to administer Ike’s dose until after we rode.  Call it self preservation.  [Our ride was decent.  I attempted some leg yields, but could not tell you whether or not they were acceptable for this point in our training.  I don’t have the “feel” for the correct angle and motion for the lateral movements on a green horse.  What can I say?  I’m a novice.  I’d rather admit my ignorance that flit along thinking I know it all.]  It was then Ike’s turn for his dose.  Phew, Ike chose to ignore Cigar’s advice.  He quietly stood and let me squirt the paste into his mouth.  Not a drop in the shavings or in my hair.  Score 1 for horsey mom and 0 for big brother.  I’d better enjoy the lead while I have it.


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