Vote for Ike

Ike got his presidential campaign started very late this year.  Funds were very limited, so he was unable to mail any flyers or hire a producer and director to record any television advertisements.  He was also unable to get his fellow equines to make phone calls to drum up support.  They claimed that they had better things to do with their time.  Ike thinks he should win just because he was one of the only candidates to not bother you during your family dinner or clog your recycling container with glossy postcards.

Ike is a man of few words, so there would be few news conferences to interrupt your favorite television programming.  He supports a vegetarian society with a diet heavy in grains and raw fruits and vegetables…but candy would also be an important part of the White House menu.  Every visitor would receive a bag of peppermints.  How can you not want more candy in your life?!?  If Ike wins, exercise would be an integral part to everyone’s day.  Nothing better than an early morning romp to get the blood flowing and legs muscles stretched.  Midday naps would be mandated by law or by Constitutional amendment if necessary.  Playtime (call it recess if you like) would also be required to be part of everyone’s day – adults and children alike.  Why should daily fun be confined to your childhood days?

While fun is an integral part of Ike’s philosophy, he also has a very strong work ethic.  Fun is fun, but when it is time to work, Ike believes that you should put forth your best effort whether you are at home or in public.  Try your best every time and no one can criticize your efforts, except maybe your brother who thinks that you are a big suck up.

Ike thanks you for your support.  No matter who you vote for or have voted for, be thankful for the opportunity and privilege.


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