The Big Easy Kicks My Butt

NO Carriage

You might have noticed that there have been no blog updates for a few days…that is because I was in New Orleans (Nawlins according to the locals) with my girlfriend who was receiving her Bronze Medal at the USDF Gala.  Yes, she received her medal; no, I did not make it to the gala to actually see her receive it.  Grr.

Sigh, it was soon after the photo was taken of me, our carriage driver Dave, and his mule Mother-In-Law (best @ss in town he told us during our tour) that I started to feel bad.  [As an aside, if you are ever in NO, look for the purple carriage with the driver wearing the purple suit and the mule wearing the purple flowers.  Dave was quite the story-teller and it was a great way to see the French Quarter.]  Well anyway, I started sweating and feeling dizzy.  My friend and I popped into a local eatery to get something to eat and drink – I was hoping it was just hunger pains…ha, wishful thinking, I was so wrong.  It was the start of a nasty stomach bug.  It sought vengeance against all the fabulous food I had consumed.  ByeBye gooey nachos, goodbye french toast, goodbye delicious dinner at Emeril’s NOLA restaurant;  parting was such agony.  I spent the remainder of the day getting to know the plumbing of the hotel.  I so hoped for a miracle recovery, but it was not to be.  My girlfriend looked stunning in her Calvin Klein dress and Mardi Gras mask.  I was so very sad that I didn’t get to wear my party attire and celebrate my friend’s accomplishment.

By some odd stroke of luck, we flew home without incident.  I feel certain that both air crews and all passengers would be thankful had they known my story. And thank goodness this time when I was away, there were no emergency vet calls.  Ms. C did ride Ike for me two times.  For both rides he was a gentleman – no runaway freight train moments…I guess he saves those for me.  Both times he had to be disciplined for trying to snatch the reins during warmup.  She mentioned that the shoulder in is still awkward but believes that once he learns the concept, his lateral movement is going to be pretty good.  She is pleased with how far we have come in the past year.  Just hope that Ike and I both stay healthy so that we too can someday say we have our USDF Bronze Medal.

BTW, do you know how Santa gets around in the Big Easy?  Sleigh and reindeer?  Heck no, he rides in a pirogue pulled by alligators!



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