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When I started blogging almost a year ago, I had no idea whether or not people would read it, like it, or follow it.  That wasn’t the driver in the decision to start writing.  It was just a way for me to chronicle the progress and special moments with Ike, my newest equine family member.  You think to yourself that you won’t forget any of the special moments, but trust me, the older we get, the more likely we are to forget things.  The blog would be my way of documenting everything, so that when I am old and senile, I can look back and say, “Wow, I actually did that?!”  The pictures would be the proof that I did indeed ride horses.

Many thanks to Mellchan and Sparrowgrass for nominating me for this blogger award. You can check out their blogs on WordPress at and .  I have found that  reading the blogs written by others  is and interesting way to discover people with similar interests as well as folks with more diverse interests.  In the end, we are all just regular people who just enjoy sharing our thoughts and experiences.

According to the rules of the award, I should tell the people who nominated me 7 things about myself that they don’t already know.  Hmm, here we go:

1) I like to eat the cookie dough more than the finished cookie.  Yes, I know it is bad, but I continue to do it;

2) In my opinion, wine should be a food group;

3) Snakes terrify me thanks to the rattlesnake at the National Zoo trying to strike at me through the glass;

4) I secretly want to be a professional organizer;

5) If I didn’t own horses, I would spend my time gardening;

6) I have a serious problem with boots – my husband claims to have discovered my stash – I deny everything; and

7) I cannot whistle, not one lick.

Finally, I am to present this award to 15 deserving bloggers.  So here are my picks for blogs for you to check out: (There are over 20 equestrian bloggers at this one website…including yours truly….and I love all their adventures.)

Thanks again for the recognition!


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