Time to Regroup

013Have some news to share with Ike’s friends – we will not be headed down our first centerline this coming weekend.  It is not through any actions we have taken or because of any injury.  We received an e-mail Saturday night that let competitors know that the show was cancelled for lack of entries.  Say what?!  We attended this same show last year and while it was not full, it was well attended.  The dressage chapter that organized the show did a wonderful job and had nice prizes and ribbons, so I’m flabbergasted that they didn’t get enough entries to hold the show.  So what to do, what to do?

Made the decision to attend a Rebecca Langwost-Barlow clinic this Saturday.  While it won’t get us any scores to use to qualify for the Region 1 GAIGs, it will get us off the farm and under Becky’s eagle eye, which like Ms. C’s eye, doesn’t miss a thing.  Nothing.  Nada.  You can’t even readjust your reins without it being noticed because as you readjusted, you caused your horse’s head to waggle.  Grr.

Why is it such a challenge for me to keep my reins at the correct length?  Can’t blame Ike since he has become stronger and much more stable with the contact.  Guess that leaves me as the culprit.  Grr, again.  Years ago when I taught riding lessons, I’d kid with students about having spaghetti fingers holding the reins – basically no grip or feel at all with all fingers dangling like noodles.  I’ve heard the advice to imagine that you are holding a baby bird – not too loose and not too tight. I’ve also tried the trick to press your thumb down on the rein while your hands are closed around them.  Despite knowing all this useful information, I still find myself with little feel in my hand because I have allowed the reins to get too long.  This isn’t going to help our efforts to escape Training Level either.  Perhaps some tacky glue applied liberally to my gloves?  Probably not a good idea.  I’d end up with my glove stuck to Ike’s mane and end up having to roach his mane to remove the glove.

Don’t have much time to regroup and get ourselves ready since I did receive confirmation that our show on May 5th is a go.  Going to attempt Training Test 1 and 3 and hopefully get one of the scores we need to qualify for regionals.  Hopes are high that we will achieve the necessary score.

The other goal for this season is to clear the 70% mark at any Training Level test.  We missed it by less than 1% at the end of last year.

Stay tuned and keep fingers crossed!



2 thoughts on “Time to Regroup

  1. Oh I wish there was a quick fix for fingers. My first instructor suggested he was going to superglue my gloves to the reins if I didn’t start holding them properly, perhaps that would work?!

  2. Darn it! 😦 However, clinic sounds good. Will stay tuned. I thought I was the only one with rein problems (length, contact, and uneven…..). Not to mention the hands.

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