Look Out! It Is Bridle Hunting Season!

Ike sporting his new Vespucci bridle from World Equestrian Brands.

Ike sporting his new Vespucci bridle from World Equestrian Brands.

And the best part is, there is success in our hunt for the elusive species!  We have hunted down a bridle that actually fits Ike’s head without having to piece together various parts from three different bridles.

Where did we find the elusive bridle?  We found it with the help of Robin from World Equestrian Brands (http://www.worldequestrianbrands.com/).  I had talked with her while at the regional finals.  She let me try a few of the bridles she had on hand, but none of those worked quite right.  Robin kindly provided her business card and told me that if I sent her some measurements of Ike’s head, she would look through her available stock to see what they could do to assist our search.

I measured not once, not twice, but three times to make sure that I had my numbers correct.  How embarrassing it would have been to send erroneous numbers.  Finally, when I was certain that I had my numbers correct, I typed up my email, hit send, and waited with high hopes that Robin had a bridle that would work.  I was worried that she would have nothing and that I’d have to keep trudging around the roads of Virginia or website on the internet to find just the right bridle.  Was not relishing the thought of buying, trying and returning ill-fitting bridles while spending precious dollars on gas and shipping fees.

The candidate that Robin found was a closeout Vespucci bridle – black with white trim.  I provided my payment information and the next afternoon, Ike’s bridle arrived.  It was tempting to run out to the barn that evening to give it a try, but I controlled my excitement and waited until the next day.

Watching me assemble a bridle is much like watching me hook up the new TV…several mistaken starts along with many inappropriate words.  For some reason I am always unable to correctly connect the bit.  Yeah, I’m that clever.  Finally, there is success and I put the bridle on Ike.  I play with the buckles and stand back to assess the fit.  Could it be?  Is this the one?  There is room behind Ike’s ears.  There are the correct number of wrinkles in the corners of Ike’s mouth.  None of the cheek pieces even come close to his prominent cheek bones.  I am giddy at the thought that the hunt is over, but it has one last hurdle before we can declare success….Ms. C’s eagle eye and opinion.  I stand by holding my breath and waiting.  It is much the feeling I had waiting for my master’s committee’s decision after my orals.  Ms. C pulls and tugs at the various pieces and finally declares that it passes inspection!  Woohoo!

So glad that we can scratch “find bridle” off the to-do list.  Next up?  Riding our very first First Level test.



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