She Didn’t Stick the Landing…

"Um, Mom, why are you laying in the stonedust?  I was trying to save us both."

“Um, Mom, why are you laying in the stone dust? I was trying to save us both.”

So, Ms. C sometimes watches Ike gallop and buck his way around his paddock; she’s also said that she hopes that he never does that while I’m in the saddle, “You are doomed if he does.” Well, she was right.

Had not been in the saddle but for a few minutes when all hell broke loose.  Mr. D happened to see the entire event unfold.  The vulture that had been sunning himself decided to take flight.  Ike decided he was a flying boogie man and went from walk to gallop like a racehorse.  He bucked once, and I was okay…it was the second one that got me. I attempted a front flip with a half twist dismount. I did not stick the landing. Landed hard on my left hip. Also managed to twist my right ankle. My pride is also a bit broken.

Mr. D grabbed Ike and put him in his stall. He then brought the tractor to the ring and I hitched a ride in the bucket (thankfully, no photos of my newest mount).

After 3 hours in the emergency room, I learned that all my years of drinking milk have paid off. Nothing is broken, but boy am I going to be sore. Bring on the muscle relaxers and Aleve. Cannot wait to see the bruising.

BTW, the funniest moment in the hospital came when a bunch of stone dust fell out of my pants…bet they don’t see that every day!

Time to rest! Alison


11 thoughts on “She Didn’t Stick the Landing…

  1. So glad nothing is fractured. Must be a spook day. I had one today, too, just in the arena, but managed to stay on. I could have killed that woman (very long story in terms of the current situation at the barn) who went over, pulled the hose out, and started the spray nozzle up at full force, right as we went by. Yikes.

    Practice up on sticking that dismount! You are probably going to have some massive and lengthy (meant literally) bruises. Hang in there. Hope you do feel better quickly.

      • Eek. Quite a combo…. :/ Even the 22-23 year old Arabian gelding I lease had that pent up energy on stall confinement. He bucked up a storm when he got out of there (while in the arena by himself, as I lunged him) and it was really something to see,

        You’ll be back on soon and progressing toward those goals! 🙂

  2. Oh Bad Boy! Glad to hear only bruising, the ego too will heal. Slow and easy does it, nice hot baths 🙂 feel good for the bruised body and soul.

  3. My pride knows exactly how your pride feels – my body is recovering but my mood is very low. There seem to be a lot of us hitting the ground at the moment 😦 If it helps at all, you’re not alone.

    I bet the hospitals see a lot of odd things from riders – one of my instructors tells the story of a girl who was adamant she was not going to hospital after a nasty fall – it transpired that she despised visible panty lines and so wore no underwear when riding. She knew that they’d need to take/cut her jodhs off and she’d have nothing covering her!

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