Happy Thanksgiving!

Ike and Alison

Ike and I would like to wish our friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving.  We are so very grateful and thankful for everything –

Our friends who follow our adventures through the maze that is dressage riding/training;

Our friends and family who attend our shows to cheer for us as we head down centerline;

Ms. C who guides us through our training – we would be trotting ovals at Intro Level if it wasn’t for her guidance;

The clinicians who provide another point of view;

The managers, secretaries and volunteers who tirelessly work to pull together fantastic shows;

My fellow dressage chapter members who provide camaraderie and wisdom;

Our farrier and veterinarian who keep Ike sound and healthy;

My supervisor who is always understanding when there is another barn “emergency” or an upcoming show; and

My amazing husband who continues to support our efforts and who safely gets us to and from our shows and clinics.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  May your holiday season be blessed.

Alison and Ike



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