Equestrian Realizations


I found the above quote on my friend’s Facebook page called Live Awesomeness.  She posts inspirational posts to remind her friends to live the best life they can.  We all know there is a beginning and end, but it is what you do with the middle that defines who you are.  Having horses in my life has really helped me to grow and come to some conclusions that, while I’d been told these things before, I had to learn the lesson for myself before it really took hold.  While many of these Ah-ha moments have come to me while engaged in equestrian pursuits, I have found that many carry over into the rest of my life.  They have probably been stated elsewhere more eloquently before, but here they are in my own words:

You must trust completely and be worthy of being trusted.

 Be effusive with your compliments and respectful with your criticism.

 If you are going to hand out criticism, be willing to listen when it comes your way.

 Never stop learning.  You do not know it all.  No, you really don’t.

Hard work on a less talented horse will usually get you further than laziness on a talented one.

 There is no such thing as pure white around horses or dogs.

 Be as strong as an ox, as graceful as a ballerina, and as mentally strong as Rosa Parks.

Check your ego at the barn door or your horse will do it for you.

 Be someone’s hero.  The cost of an apple is nothing compared to the nicker you will get from the horse who’s owner never visits the barn.  It costs nothing to smile at a fellow competitor or wish them good luck. 

 Remember to breathe. 

 Be willing to laugh at yourself, especially after you knock down the dressage arena right in front of the judge.  Just remember to wait until after your final salute.

Be grateful for the horse you have. There are many who don’t have a horse to love. 

Believe in yourself and your horse even when no one else does.  Only the two of you know how hard you have worked and what obstacles you have overcome to get to where you are today. 

Be happy my friends!  Alison





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