Happy Spring?


Hi friends,  according to my mother, today is the first day of spring…Sure does not feel like it. The day started in the 30s with clouds and rain showers. 

Yes, she conned me into wearing this silly headband.  She is sneaky that way. But she had black jellybeans so I caved.

I had an inkling that spring and show season were getting close. Dad came and took my trailer away.  Not sure where he takes it or why he takes it for a drive. Seems kind of silly to drive around without a horse on board. But he always brings it back along with snacks for me and my brother.

Mom did her Edward Scissorhands routine on me mane, jawline, and legs.  She let the bottom blade of the scissors rest on my neck, so she managed to cut the hair on my neck along with my mane.  Oops.  She will never win any grooming awards.

She also has been milling around the trailer.  She claims that it is spring cleaning,  but I have my suspicions. 

Then there are the discussions between mom and Ms. C that I overheard the past month.  They talk about tests, judges, and names of horses that I only see when I go places.

So, yeah, it is definitely springtime.  See you on the show circuit soon!




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