Horse Lovers Rejoice! Our Homes are Finally Trendy!



Well, at least that is what the article in last Friday’s newspaper said.  All things equine are turning up in various home collections according to the author.  How lucky are we that we are finally on the leading edge of home decoration?!  Finally Elle Décor will be knocking on our doors to do a photo shoot for their next issue.  Guess I’d better break out the broom and sweep up the stray horse hair that has escaped from the lint trap of the dryer.  Suppose I’d better neatly roll that pile of polo wraps that came out of the dryer last week.  Hmm, is that mud and/or manure that I tracked home from the barn?  What is that intoxicating aroma that Yankee Candle will want to use for their new campaign…horse/manure/sweat/leather cleaner?

Oh, pul-lease.  Hello?!!  They obviously must not shop in the same stores that we do.  I have never had trouble finding equine-centric home furnishings to adorn my home.  As far as I know, my fellow horse-crazed friends also have no problems adorning their homes with equine inspired décor.

Of course, I don’t think the home decorators would agree with some of my equine “décor” or the amount of equine related knick knacks that are strewn about the house.  They are probably of the notion that one or two horse things are more than enough to evoke a feeling for the room.  Any good horse junkie will tell you that one horse is never enough.  Horses like to live in herds, so the more the merrier!

With that in mind, here are a few of my favorite items:

1) The print I bought at an auction to support the Virginia Dressage Association about 6 years ago.  I think it looks like Ike.  Maybe it was a sign.


2) A vase from my mother with horse hair used to create the pattern.


3) The perpetual award that I was presented at my dressage chapter’s banquet in January.  I get to keep it until the end of the year.


4) The painting I saw at a wine festival.  My awesome stepdaughter, who was there with me, called my husband and insisted that he buy it for me. 🙂



And now a few things that “decorate” the house that would probably make a designer cringe and declare that I have committed some designing faux pas:

1) The “feed bag sculpture” that adorns the family room.  [Purina discontinued the feed I use as a supplement, so I stockpiled 15 bags while I researched a replacement.] As you can see, the sculpture has shrunk and we’ve now added a winter blanket to enhance the pile.


2) The toothbrush holder.


3) The ribbon “curtains.”  I’m running out of window space!


4) My eyeglass stand.


5) The boot corner.  No, there is not a closet available to hide them…


Then there are the other items that also decorate the house from time to time – various bridle pieces, bits, and reins, Ike’s saddle when it needs a good cleaning, sweaty saddle pads, clean saddle pads, show clothes, mail order boxes from various tack stores.  If I wanted an immaculate home, animals would not be part of my life…I will take the dirt and clutter.  It is a small price to pay for the joy they bring to my day.

Would love to hear what some of your favorite “designer-approved” items are as well as those cringe-worthy items you possess.