Happy New Year!

Hello 2015, so nice to meet you.

Hello 2015, so nice to meet you.

Ike and I would like to wish all our friends and family a Happy New Year!  We are excited about what the new year will bring to us.  Hopefully it will bring me the ability to sit the trot, the knowledge to compete successfully at Second Level, and the ability to laugh at myself when things go horribly wrong.  I hope for Ike the new year brings the ability to move his hulking body as one cohesive unit, the patience to put up with his spastic mother, and that his fear of large tractors and vultures stays in 2014.  Ike is hoping for more treats, less work, and that the hotwire between his paddock and his brother’s magically disappears.

Stay tuned for our new adventures!

Alison and Ike