A summer lesson in March.

The weather pattern that has emerged this spring is very odd.  The horses still have their winter coats and have to face 70++ degree days.  Toss in a 75 minute lesson, and you have one very sweaty horse and rider. 

It is sometimes hard to remember that Ike is only three when you see his hulking presence (he already wears an 84 inch blanket).  We then start moving and you are quickly reminded that he is a baby.  He is surprisingly straight on centerline, but put us on a circle and it is reminicent of the centrifuge in microbiology lab.  No matter how hard I try to move the whole horse around a precise 15 meter circle, the hind quarters fall out and we drift into a larger and larger circle.  My dearest trainer is a godsend.  She knows just what we need at any given moment to stop the drift, but unfortunately, there are times that I am unable to execute the necessary action.  I just don’t have the physical strength to stop the drifting at the trot and canter, so we go back to the walk and start over.  I suppose if I had not taken a 20 year hiatus from riding, that my skill set would be greater and I might stand a better chance with this young, unbalanced creature.  Thank goodness he is a good natured and tolerant fellow.  Even more important, I’m learning to be patient with us both.


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