You must get ON the trailer to get down centerline…

One would think that loading your horse that trailered to Virginia from Florida would be an easy task. How wrong that line of thinking was. Ike lulled me into a false sense of confidence when he hopped on the Keifer slant load and headed to a clinic last fall. We hitched it up again in February for another clinic. He showed some reluctance to load after the second clinic was over, but after 15 minutes gave up and hopped aboard. We noticed then that he was a bit cramped with the slanted stall, soooo we traded in the Kiefer for a lovely Twi-Lite straight load with extra long stalls to accomodate Baby Huey’s expanding dimensions. Clinic #3 was scheduled for early March, so the new trailer was hitched, the tack was loaded, and we just needed the horse. After 2 hours, my ever patient husband noted that we would not make it by our prescribed ride time and that I needed to decide what to do – give up or muster on. I knew we could not give up, so my saint of a trainer came out and we worked for three hours before there was success. Had to resort to the “If you want your dinner, you will eat it on the trailer method.” Yes, I know, bribery is not the ideal method. I like to think of it as positive reinforcement. It works wonders with the dogs, and it is working with Ike.  He will now walk right on the trailer when he sees me holding that pink bucket.  Practice makes perfect, so hopefully this chapter is closed and we can move on to the next challenge.

The cool new ride:


3 thoughts on “You must get ON the trailer to get down centerline…

  1. I love the blog idea…makes me want to do one…though i dont know that i would keep up with it!! One of our QHs refused to get on the trailer one time and my mom threatened to turn her into dog food! LOL!

  2. Love my grandhorse who seems to provide more fodder for blogging; however, the potential for excellence may prevail under his owner’s sustained dedication.

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