Mud Season

Hunters have deer season, Elmer Fudd has “wabbit season,” and equestrians have mud season.  The season started early this year because of the unseasonably warm winter.  I have survived 9 years of mud season with my Thoroughbred Cigar. His nickname is pigboy for a very good reason.   I was hoping that Ike would not be a fan of the mud, but as luck would have it, he too is a pigboy.  As I approached his paddock this morning, I knew I would have my work cut out for me.  Both sides were caked on mud.  His mane and tail had clumps of mud.  I’m not sure how he was able to see through the fly mask for all the mud smears.  There was some serious consideration of just grooming the saddle and girth area and leaving the rest.  My OCD won out and I groomed the entire body.  There was dust and hair flying everywhere.  Such a lovely feeling to have gritty teeth.  When I was done, I was dirtier than Ike, or so I thought.  Upon exiting the barn into the daylight, I then noticed all the spots that I missed.  Ooops.  No wonder Cigar stuck his tongue out as we’d ride by.  Must have been his opinion of my grooming skills.

Had a short but productive ride.  Continued to work on our body control on circles.

Ike is now back in his paddock, any bets on how long he stayed clean?

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