The Kindest Eye

I cannot say enough good things about Ike’s personality.  He might have a moody day like yesterday, who doesn’t, but he is a kind and gentle soul and you can see it in his eyes.  He maintains the relaxed and happy eye whether we are grooming or under saddle.  Ike wants to please which is a refreshing change from his brother.

Our ride today was top notch.  I always like to try to repeat the lesson from the day before to see if I can recreate the feeling without Ms. C’s direction.  We might not have had all the flexion and bend that we needed, but overall I was pleased with today’s effort.  In my humble opinion, Ike’s canter was show worthy today – he could have even have done well in a Training Level test.  The left lead was again balanced and rhythmic.  Drumroll please…….so was the right lead!  Why today and not yesterday?  Because we are still three years old for another 18 days and we just can’t make all the body parts work in unison each and every ride.  As we build muscle memory, oh heck, we need the muscle first, then we will get more consistent.

As I left today, Ike was contentedly eating his hay with that happy look in his eyes.  Isn’t is a great time when all is quiet in the barn except for the munching sounds from happy horses?  As much as he enjoys his hay, Ike always takes a moment to quietly bid me goodbye.

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