Friday the 13th

Hi Mom, I’m waiting for you.  Silly boy was waiting in his stall when I arrived today.  He made it outside for a few hours this morning before he decided that it was time for sanctuary.  The upside to a horse that likes to be in his stall?  He was clean and grooming was simple.  I have to say that I wouldn’t mind a little mud right now because that would mean it had rained.  The ground is already hard as well…not a good sign for the summer to come.

No bad luck while under saddle today.  Ike was again spot on with his work.  Have I mentioned that he is a good boy?  Ms. C’s son was kind enough to shoot a short video of part of our ride:  As you can see, we got our right lead canter on the first try – you just have to squint through the dust.  I watched our canter video from February again and I do believe that there is better balance.   The only bad luck is that I’m wearing the same fleece pullover that I was wearing in the February video.  What can I say, it is comfortable and has pockets.  Pockets are the key.

My bad luck today occurred out of the saddle.  I forgot the battery to the camera (it was in the charger back home) and had to retrieve my phone out of the car to take this photo.  I know, it goes against my rule of no cell phones, but the camera feature came to the rescue today.  I also forgot the air mattress for Ms. C to borrow.

15 days to go.  Guess we need to get that mane pulled and the goat hairs trimmed.


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