I See You

So today it is raining, and raining, and raining some more.  No complaints since my flower beds desperately needed the water as did the paddocks and riding arena.  The ground was looking more like late June, early July hard packed ground rather than April.  It was not hard to guess where the Fair Weather Fairy was when I arrived at the barn….in his stall happily munching hay.  He lasted outside for maybe 30 minutes (if you round up generously) and then said, “Bring me in before I melt!”  No nickering, but I can tell that he was happy to see me.

We spent some quality time together while I groomed.  His winter coat has mostly shed out and his summer coat is rather lustrous and shiny.  Ike’s tail has grown about 4 inches since he moved to Virginia and all the weekly conditioning has it looking full.  His topline is finally starting to fill out and muscle up.  No wonder the saddle is getting tight at his withers.

It is peaceful time when it is just the two of us in the barn.  I share my secrets and he listens patiently and without judgment.  We talked about next Sunday’s dressage show and reviewed the test movements.  I promised Ike that I would stay relaxed and breathe.  My sister-in-law suggested that it also be one of my goals for the show.  Yes, breathing would be a good thing.  Ike promised to try his hardest to listen to me.

One week to go and still much to be done.  The farrier and saddle fitter are scheduled.  Going to try to get in two lessons if time and weather permit.  Thank goodness the show pants fit, but if I can be honest, I hate the fact that they are white.  Mark my words, there will be something on them as I head down centerline for the first time – coffee, manure, green slobber, dirt or a combination that will probably not come out.  That’s OK with me though, it will just be thrilling to be headed down centerline after a long hiatus.

Enjoy the rest of the day.


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