Down to the Wire

Yes, I know it is April, but it sure did not feel like the end of April today.  When I arrived at the barn at 3:30, it was 49 degrees, when I left 40 minutes later, it was 43 degrees and steadily raining.  Yet again, Ike decided to spend the day indoors.  The photo above is a picture of the face that greeted me, “Hi Mom, guess what I stayed inside today!  May I have more hay please?”  Sigh, how is it that a horse that is so young and so big can be so content in a 12×12 stall.  At least when he stays indoors, he cannot get muddy.  No complaints there.

So it is looking like I will only get to ride 2-3 times this week.  Thank goodness that preparing for a dressage show is not like cramming for final exams in college.  If you haven’t done your work for the past few months and developed rhythm and relaxation with each ride, taught your horse to be supple and connected, built stamina, and fed him a well balanced diet, then there is a very slim chance that you will do well on your test.  The judge sitting at C is going to know right away whether or not you’ve done your homework.  It is amazing to me how well they peg me from that 6 minute dressage test.  I might not like the comments that I receive, but if I am honest with myself, they are usually right on the mark.  “Horse needs more bend,” “Haunches slightly right in halt, ” “Rider needs to relax.”

It is nerve racking and exciting to be heading down centerline again.  I haven’t entered at A since September 2010.  Please let me remember to turn the right way at C.  Please let Ike stay in the ring.  Breath in, breath out (this one is for you SIL).

Here’s hoping for sunny weather and a dry arena tomorrow.

Six days to go…


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