C is for Canter. P is for Patience.

So I’ve analyzed my scores and comments from Sunday’s dressage show.  I have already received my CD from Video Vibes so I can now see what the judges saw and hopefully have some “Aha!” moments.  They, like the photographers who were at the show, know what they are doing and the quality is evident in the videos.

I can definitely see why I needed to ask for more impulsion in my first test.  It is a fine line with Ike right now.  He can sometimes handle more oomph and truly connect, but there are days that if I push for more, he ends up strung out with the hind end flailing.  I did ask for a bit more in our second test and it was clear in our score that the judge could see that.  That being said, there is still more trot in Ike, but all in due time.

He did free walk surprisingly well on Sunday.  I figured I’d be fighting a giraffe as up as he was when we first arrived.

And the video tells the tale of woe with our canter.  Ike definitely canters like a youngster – too fast and out of balance in the up transitions.  We watched a lovely grey horse on Sunday in the warmup ring performing the quietest walk-canter transitions.  Ms. C pointed at that horse and told Ike “that is what we want.”  Too bad I cannot wave a magic wand and say abracadabra and have the balance of an older horse.  I am not wishing away these formative years, so I will practice patience and continue down the path we’ve started.  Ike will get there as will the canter scores.

Canter was going well today until the golf cart showed up.  That’s right, one of the neighbors was riding a golf cart down the fenceline.  Ike knew that it was not supposed to be there; I fought the uptight giraffe today.  We found a workable place and ended on a happy and safe note.  Tomorrow is another day.


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