Belated Birthday Post

Ike celebrated his 4th birthday yesterday!

The photo about sums up what the boy did all day….a lot of nothing.  He deserved a day of rest after his stellar performance at the dressage show on Sunday.

Did I get to do nothing??? Ha!  I worked all day and then had the fun chore of cleaning out the trailer and scrubbing the tack clean.  Yes, yes, some would say that it should have been done Sunday afternoon, but the nap I took was much more satisfying.  Everything is now tidy and ready for another day,

Ike did not seem too sore or too tired from his outing.  All that winter work has paid off with a good fitness level,  The only telltale signs were the spots of stonedust still clinging to his legs and a curly mane from the braids.

The professional photographer’s photos are already available for viewing.  There were a surprising number of great shots.  I want them all!  It is no wonder that the photographers at Pics of You stay busy!

We get back to work tomorrow.  The next outing is a clinic sponsored by my dressage chapter.  There is an indoor arena at the facility – -the next challenge to conquer.

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