The Next Outing

So we are gearing up for a clinic sponsored by my local dressage chapter this coming weekend.  Ike and I will ride a dressage test of our choosing and the clinician will help us on the parts where we are the weakest.  If you have been keeping up with the recent posts, it is not hard to tell what our Achilles heels are….canter AND stretch down trot.  Here is the promised link with our attempt at a stretch down trot towards the end:  Don’t blink or you will miss that over-the-back-stretch into my hands (said with a facetious tone.) We will ride Training Level Test 1 to the best of our abilities.  If we find that it is just too much for Ike to handle, better to have found out at a low-key clinic than at a show.

Rode today with no dressage whip to see how our canter transitions would be.  Miraculously, we nailed every one of them; maintained the canter much longer as well in preparation for the Training Level tests.  I worked on sitting tall and following the movement with my hips.  The stretch down trot is still non-existent, but that was not a surprise.  More time and patience, much more patience, and it will come.

After our ride, we went trail blazing through the empty paddocks.  Ike is gaining confidence each time we walk them.  We then had a trailer loading session.  After a couple of false starts, Ike finally walked right up the ramp and into the trailer.  He is a smart boy and now keeps his head down when he backs off.  Thank goodness he learned that lesson quickly to avoid any further dents in the trailer or him having to wear the padded headwear (such a cool look – I’m sure the other horses would have made fun of him).

After a few peppermints, a Stud Muffin, and some ear rubs, I said goodnight to my big, handsome boy.   I will admit, it is hard to leave when you have a face like the one above watching you go…


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