Delayed Gratification

If I was looking for instant gratification, then I should have picked a sport that does not involve another sentient being, especially one as young as Ike.  Even if I had unlimited funds and could afford a horse that already had years of dressage training, I’d still have delayed gratification as I learned how to push the buttons of a horse that knows more about dressage than I do…sad, but so true.

Society as a whole continues to move at a faster and faster pace – more information, more data, and download things quickly.  We want instant results, faster fast food, and a flat stomach at the snap of our fingers. There is planned obsolescence – get the newer, shinier model with more features since you can’t get the parts for the broken model you bought 2 months ago.  If  it is too slow, toss it and buy a faster one.

The dressage training scale is very well established.  If you miss steps and the basics of training, you will pay later as the work becomes more and more demanding.  The judges have very keen eyes and it is hard to sneak anything by them.  I’ve heard it said that it takes 6-12 months to develop a bond with a new horse until you both figure out how to communicate with each other.  With a young horse, it feels like we are starting from square one every time there is a growth spurt.  We unfortunately cannot rush to the top of the pyramid.  Ike and I will hover at the bottom and progress when he and Ms. C tell me it is time for more.  I must wait for the results – is this all part of the lesson in patience?

Got a short but productive ride in today.  Practiced the Training Level canter transitions, and Ike nailed them like a pro.  Attempted the stretch down trot….well, ah, yeah.  Next topic.  Can’t guarantee that we will nail anything on Saturday at the clinic, but that is why we are going.  We have our weekly lesson tomorrow with Ms. C.  Her eyes are as keen if not sharper than a lot of judges – we will have our work cut out for us.


One thought on “Delayed Gratification

  1. I always look forward to clinics as an opportunity to get focused help on the things that aren’t clicking for me (or the horse – but let’s face it, it’s usually my fault)… Even if the clinician says the same stuff I’ve already heard, the environment of the clinic seems to help it sink in, finally.

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