Sit, Ike, Sit, Good Boy

Ms. C passed along an interesting observation of Ike.  First picture in your mind a dog sitting, then substitute a 1200 pound horse in place of the dog.  Yes, Ike was sitting like a dog.  Not for a long period of time and of course not long enough for a camera to be located, but long enough for Ms. C to take notice.  It was not an AKC obedience quality sit, but a kickstand-style casual sit.  I still cannot picture where exactly all the leg parts were during this.  But I digress…

Today was lesson day and overall, I am pleased with how Ike and I did.  As Ike gets stronger, we are looking for a steadier connection.  The days of his head being a little higher, a little lower, even lower still, and then back up are getting fewer and fewer as he develops his topline.  His trot work is a pretty solid “7” and we are working on finding the “8.”  It is there in fits and spurts.  And can I just say, where the heck was the canter I rode today when we were at the show??  The right lead was very balanced and I was able to sit back and follow the motion – just like a rocking horse.  The left lead was a little bit less balanced, but it too was better than what I had in my test.  Must be show nerves and green horse nerves.  At least we know it is in that big hulking body.  We started to introduce shoulder in with some limited success.  We also schooled turn on the haunches to help Ike learn to weight the inside hind.

One final note – the countdown has started to our next show – a schooling show at Chestnut Oak Stable ( 10 days from today.  Schooling shows are so much easier on the pocketbook.  I do plan to braid and play beauty shop so that we make a good impression headed down centerline.  I will also wear my show attire since the dressage coat beautifully hides a multitude of sins.  I had some success at their schooling show series with Cigar as well as some embarrassing moments that many folks can still recall.  I’m excited to be headed back with Ike – hoping for the success without the drama and hijinks.


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