The Little Engine that Couldn’t


As I am typing this I have a BIG glass of wine next to me….I now seriously believe that Ike is part mule, because there was an epic battle of wills today when it came time to load him on the trailer for the clinic.  Like I said, I have a BIG glass of wine….can you guess whether or not we made it to the clinic???  That’s right, we did not.  We are now 1 for 3 for clinics.  Not a good average if you ask me.  We’d even been practicing loading on the trailer this week with no issues, so why today did he decide that no, he was not getting on the trailer?

After two hours, my very patient husband told me that it was time to call the clinic organizer to give her the news.  I knew it, but did not want to make the call.  I was humiliated, mortified, embarrassed, sad, and angry all at the same time.  Breathe, Alison, breathe.  I made the call.  It was like tearing my heart out.  That bad.

We then turned Ike out in his paddock and left.  I came back in time for dinner.  So Ike, you want dinner, you must get on the trailer………………………………………….half the body on, back off,  two hooves on, back off…………….45 minutes later, success.  All four hooves on the trailer.  Seriously?

Another lesson in patience is the best I can tell.  Serenity Now!


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