Square One, Two, and Three

How could anyone stay mad at a face like Ike’s?  Sunday morning we were back at square one with the trailer.  It was 7:00 a.m. and if Ike wanted breakfast, he would have to eat it on the trailer.  The bucket was full and up the ramp I went and waited.  Not ten minutes later he was all the way on and happily munching his feed.  Where was this horse the day before???  Maddening.  Breakfast was over and I backed him off.  Told him what a good boy he was and said, “OK, let’s hop on one more time and you can then head to your morning turn out.”  It was going to be interesting to see if loading would happen with out the enticement of a bucket of food.  Phew, Ike got on the trailer.  Irish luck won out over Polish luck this time.

Helped D muck stalls while Ike had his morning fresh air and visit with his buddy Lady.  No rest for the boy – time to tack up for a ride.  I think he is a morning horse – nicely forward and through, relaxed with spot on up and down transitions.  Such a shame that no one at the clinic got to meet him.  If he could speak, I would have him apologize to the clinician and the club for his silliness.  Since he cannot, I will say that I am deeply sorry that we did not make it.  Ike and I will work diligently and fingers are crossed that it will not happen again.  Holding dressage shows at our barn just isn’t going to happen and hacking to show grounds would be a death wish on the roads around here.

Ms. C and Mr. D were kind enough to practice loading Baby Huey again in the afternoon.  He played mule for just a few minutes before conceding and walking up the ramp.  He also loaded once today without great protest.  Dim light at the end of the tunnel, but we still have a long way to go to reach daylight.

Tomorrow the vet comes for spring shots.  If it is not raining, we will sneak in a short ride and another trailer loading session once the vet is done.  Don’t have much of a choice….we have a schooling show this Sunday and Mom is still learning her lesson in patience.


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