Sometimes the Hardest Thing to do is…

…the right thing.

Made the decision today to scratch our entry in Sunday’s schooling show.  Let me explain…as you know Ike has been having some trailer issues.  The biggest issue is not that he won’t get on the trailer, but that he panics when you go behind him and either touch the ramp or the butt bar.  He throws his mass into reverse quicker than a stunt car driver and backs off the trailer.  Not sure why now since he did ride in this trailer to and from the dressage show in April.  Too bad I’m not psychic.  It is not a safe situation and someone or Ike is going to get hurt.  It is an issue that needs to be resolved and soon before it becomes dangerous.  Better to stay home and work out these kinks than to travel to the show only to find that Ike won’t get on the trailer to come home.

I have talked to a local expert who works with behavioral issues and horses who have trailer “concerns.”  If the scheduling works, he will come next week to help me with Ike.  Hold the press!  He just called and is coming tomorrow.  Keep all fingers, toes, and hooves crossed that he can work his magic and our problems will be solved.

I did manage to fit in a ride this afternoon as well.  Had not been in the saddle since Sunday.  Do you know what happens when you give a four year old three days off?  He gets very forward, but in a good way.  Wow, what a ride.  It is a shame that he has decided to be a homebody for the time being.  Walk-trot transitions were fluid as were the down transitions.  Gone are the days where we ran into the brick wall when asked to walk.  Ike also got every canter transition when asked, on the correct lead, and with round circles instead of ovals.  Dare I say the boy is starting to have some body awareness?  I probably should not and jinx myself.

To tide you over until we make it out in public again, here is the upload of my rides from April.  The video was done by Video Vibes.  If they are ever at your show, get them to do the video for you – it is well worth it.  The first ride up in the video is our Intro A test which was actually our second ride at the show.  Next is the Intro C test.  Finally Intro B – Watch closely and you will clearly see us almost take down the rail on some of the turns.  No laughing at our canter is allowed…


One thought on “Sometimes the Hardest Thing to do is…

  1. I hope you get a great person to help you with trailer loading. I am a student of Parelli taught my horse and donkeys to load with no stress. My mammoth donkey can back out of the trailer and load by pointing. Take the time it takes and you will not have to repeat the training session over and over. Stay safe 🙂

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