Bet you are thinking what the heck are those letters in the title of the post.  Look closely and think of a license plate.  Got it?  It is the license plate of the gentleman who came today to help Ike and I over our trailer issues. [Horse Whisperer for those of you who need a little extra help.]  Mr. Revelle arrived bright and early this morning.  Thank goodness that I was able to give coherent directions to the farm.  We introduced ourselves and I explained Ike’s issues.  He was not at all concerned, but he’s been working with horses for 50 years and has been there and done that.

We retrieved the big boy from his paddock.  Mr. R went right to work with some lunging and groundwork – a bit of a get-to-know-you and you get-to-know-me.  I stood to the side and watched.  As Ike would trot by me while lunging, I swear he kept looking at me as if to ask, “Who is this and why are we doing this?”  But, Ike being the good fellow that he is, went along with the program and tried his best.

Then it was time for the trailer.  My role was limited at first.  Stay out-of-the-way and dispense treats if and when Ike got on the trailer.  All I can say is that I was truly impressed with Mr. R’s technique.  He has a great feel for when to push and when to release the pressure and when to push for more.  Soon Ike was walking on and standing quietly.  In the blink of an eye, the butt bar was in place.  What?!  Holy Moly!  The ramp was up and there we were.  The boy did try some pushing to see if it would move, but got a poke in the butt.  Then it was my turn to try.  With Mr. R’s guidance, I had Ike load himself and was able to then put the butt bar in place.  No way!  I can load my horse by myself?!  Who would have thought it…not me.  The light at the end of the tunnel is a bit brighter.  We will practice regularly and pray that it will only get better from here.

The day was not over once Mr. R headed home.  Ike and I also had our lesson with Ms. C.  Boy was he strong and dominant with that right shoulder today.  I like to think that my legs are strong, but it took all I had to attempt to stop it, but failed miserably on numerous tries.  (I wish the hot tub was filled tonight for the sore leg muscles.)  What impresses me with Ike is that even after his trailer training, he still gave 100% in our lesson.  Worked on shoulder fore and turn on the haunches with some success.  The canter continues to improve.  Ike’s right lead is now better than the left lead on many days; that dominant right shoulder caused us some turning issues today as well as some outward drift and ovals rather than circles.  We even played with the thought of canter lengthening.  Ike liked that part of the lesson.  There is definitely some range in that canter.

I did my own horse whispering as I took Ike back to his paddock when we were done.  Told him that he is a very special horse and I am very lucky to have him in my life.


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