Load Up!

Yes, everyone, this is a photo of Ike on the trailer with the butt bar in place, and the ramp up.  The most exciting part is that I did it ALL BY MYSELF!!!!  If a strong gust of wind had come, it would have blown me over.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I arrived at the barn.  Would Ike load?  Would I have to call Mr. Revelle back and have to have another loading lesson with him?  Can I do this?  I used the same halter with a chain hooked to the lead rope.  I put the lead rope over Ike’s neck just like yesterday.  I had the piaffe whip at the ready in case we needed a bit of encouragement and peppermints in my pocket.  We walked up to the trailer and I said, “Ike, Load Up!”  He balked for a second.  I gave him a pat and repeated the request with a little tap on his croup. In the trailer he went, I latched the butt bar, and folded up the ramp.  And stood there in astonishment.  Had I just done it?  I ran around to the escape door just to make sure and take the photo as evidence. Gave Ike a handful of peppermints and the biggest hug.  I gushed praised, “good boy, such a brave man, that’s my big boy.”  I then unloaded him and decided to try one more time.  The second time there was no hesitation from Ike.  I felt like doing the victory dance like Rocky at the top of the steps.  Thank you Mr. Revelle for whatever you whispered in Ike’s ear.

Ike and I then had a short, but productive ride.  Worked on shoulder-fore, canter to stretch down trot circles, centerline turns, and keeping my weight in the right place.  Perfect weather for riding with a breeze to keep away the natty bugs and green headed flies.

Look out world, Baby Huey will be on the road again soon.


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