Please turn off the Heat

Ugh and double ugh.  This mid-Atlantic heat wave continues and the thermometer hit 99 degrees even before you factored in the humidity.  Since the earliest I could get to the barn today was lunchtime, Ms. C and I opted to wait until tomorrow to have my lesson rather than have Ike and I turn into puddles of salty water…and then I look at the forecast for tomorrow.  Excessive heat warning.  Code Red Air Quality.  Very little breeze.  105 degrees.  What the??  Are they serious?  It will be a challenging lesson tomorrow even in the morning.

Ike, Cigar, and the other horses were all having their mid-day barn break when I arrived today.  Lots of bucket banging, whinnying, and nickers when I arrived.  I guess I was a welcome distraction.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?  Sadly, the truth is that the horses probably think  I’m a giant, walking Kong that they can nudge and have treats fall out.  Even more sad, I am always happy to oblige and provide a special treat for each of the horses along with a pat on the neck.  Perhaps I can be a Kong for Halloween this year.

Ike had obviously been in the barn longer than the other horses.  His coat was dry, and he looked like a salt-crusted beef tenderloin.  Everyone else was still damp from the recent cold hosing.  Such a Weenie boy.  Too Hot!  Too many bugs!  I love the sanctuary of my stall!  Most horses hate being in the barn alone.  Aren’t they supposed to be herd animals and seek out the company of other horses?  Ike is an enigma, but what can I say, I love my neurotic boy.  One could say that all my animals belong on the Island of Misfit Pets, but that is okay with me.


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