Riding in a Sauna

Conditions at 6:30 this morning:  75 degrees, 94% humidity, dew point 73, no wind.  I was fully expecting sauna like conditions for my lesson today.  By 9:00, it was already in the mid-80’s, but a slight breeze showed up which made the air somewhat “breathable.”  My dear friend Ms. CS came along with me today so that she could meet the big boy in person.  Ike was immediately smitten with her…the Peppermint Plops probably sealed that friendship.

Ike was heavy in my hands this morning and was a bit flat to start.  Maybe the heat and humidity were getting to him as well.  My arms are sore this afternoon from all the half halts I did to try and pick him up.  Ms. C ended up having me bring him back to the walk and had me think of piaffe to try and generate some energy and join the front and hind ends.  (I always need to remind myself that I needs me in that middle section to help connect the front and back over his back.)  It was amazing to see how well that exercise worked.  He came up out of his withers, into his bridle, and the trot transition was seamless.  I could actually sit that rudimentary attempt at a collected trot; I’d then start my rising trot and have much better connection and throughness.  We’d never be able to progress without Ms. C’s watchful eye and insights.

Canter was okay today.  We tried centerline, short diagonal, to canter transition at the rail.  The rider had Ike’s weight in the wrong place for the right lead transition, but bless his heart, he shuffled for a stride or two, and still picked up the correct lead.  Sometimes he is smarter than his rider…we are starting to introduce shoulder fore at the canter.  Ike is ready for it.  he can maintain it for a few strides – it is a start.  Left lead was spot on today.

Had to take numerous water breaks today.  Ike had a hose break and let Ms. C spray the water into his mouth.  He then tried to eat the end of the hose.  That’s my four year old.


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