So everyone likes down time right?  Ike is enjoying some time off this week while I am out of town.  Ms. C sent me this photo of Ike from yesterday.  It is nice to know that things are status quo even when I’m not there.  The photo was taken in the middle of the day when the boy decided that he couldn’t stand the heat and bugs anymore.

Right before I left, Ike and a horsefly rumbled.  I would say that the horsefly won.  It left a huge welt on Ike’s right wither and he tried to buck and run to get it off of him.  I think horseflies have superglue that oozes from their legs.  They stick to the horse through all Ike’s calisthenics and running.  Ike has started a petititon to have his paddock screened and a roof put up to protect him from the bugs and elements.  Anyone who would like to contribute can contact Ike directly.  I think he has a feed bag set aside for all his contributions.

Ms. C is going to give Ike a workout or two this week but some time off hopefully won’t have any ill effect on our progress – I know I’m always happier after a vacation.

Still hoping for at least 60% for our tests at the next show.  Keeping all fingers, toes, and hooves crossed.


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