Back to Reality

Photo taken by High Time Photography, Winston-Salem, NC

So it is back to reality today after a week at the beach with the family.  Going away is a blast, but I sometimes think that I need a vacation after my vacation to get things settled and back to the normal routine.  Today was the drive home, unpacking the truck, then unpacking the bags, laundry, sorting mail, tidying the house from all the vacation detritus, and, I have to admit, a cat nap in the afternoon.  It rained most of the way home, but better that it rain while driving than while you are sitting by the pool sipping a cocktail.

It is also nice to know that when I am out of town that Ike and Cigar are in the best of hands.  Ms. C and Mr. D take care of them like they are part of their family.  I’m almost certain that Cigar did not care that I was gone for a week.  He had his regular food rations and turnout, so it is okay that I’m not there.  Much like my puppy who boards at his daycare facility, Cigar’s motto is “I miss you sometimes.”

Ike on the other hand is still young and likes the daily attention from “Mom.”  Ms. C said that she is certain that he missed me.  This is the longest that he has not seen me since he joined the family.  Ms. C rode him twice for me while I was gone.  She had not been on him in over a month, so it is a good check on our progress for her to hop aboard and feel how Ike is moving.  Luckily, she is pleased with Ike’s progress and where he is at this point in his training.  For me, that is such a relief.  I am a novice with training green horses and my biggest fear is that I will cause problems that will come back to haunt me in the future.  So far, so good.

I’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow – our next schooling show is July 29th.  Guess I’d better start to memorize that Training Level Test 2.


2 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. I am totally enjoying reading Ike’s centerline adventures. I was learning dressage years ago but haven’t ridden in a great many years. Thanks for keeping me busy reading about it. I enjoy your writing style!

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