Hands Up

                             Photo #4 from High Time Photography

A show of hands from everyone who has headed down centerline without having ridden the entire test from start to finish.  Anyone?  It is feeling like I will be joining those ranks as this week rolls along.  Last week was vacation.  Saturday was the drive home and unpacking.  Yes, I did ride on Sunday, but only practiced parts of Training Level Test 2 since I thought to myself that I had plenty of time to ride the whole test this week.  Ha!  Yesterday was Ike’s pedicure and work for me.  Today, I didn’t make it to the barn until after work, which coincided with the arrival of the afternoon thunderstorms.  ARGH!  Tomorrow I have my commuting day and typically, by the time I creep home with the afternoon traffic, I’m just toasted and in no frame of mind to ride.  That leaves Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Thursday is supposed to be another scorcher – yippee.  Keeping fingers crossed that Friday and Saturday are cooperative.

Since I didn’t ride today, I spent some time grooming the boys.  While grooming I usually talk to them.  Not just about horse stuff, but about life in general.  They know all my secrets.  Who has made me mad.  Who I’d want to slap if I thought I could get away with it.  My insecurities – don’t we all have them?  The horses and the dogs are the best at keeping secrets or at least I think they are.  For all I know every horse and dog that I know laughs to themselves as I go by.  I’m in real trouble if they learn to talk like Mr. Ed.  I saw this e-card on Facebook a few weeks ago and it seems an appropriate way to finish this entry.



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