Summer “Dulldrums”

                                   Photo #3 by High Time Photography

It is nice to have the photos from the show in June, and I will tell you why.  The summer doldrums have arrived early this year – day after day of unrelenting heat and humidity, flies, flies, and more flies, and the shine of the horse’s coats dulled by the sun.  The beautiful, natural, glossy shine of Ike’s coat is now more of a dull rust color enhanced by the salt crust.  No amount of currying will bring out any glint of the former glory of Ike’s summer hair – Show Sheen is the only way we will be shiny this weekend at the schooling show.

There is some hope that the shine will return soon.  The days are getting shorter and the back to school advertisements have started, and we all know what that means…fall is fast approaching and the sun-weary coats will be shedding for the thicker, winter ones.  I’ll take a coat like Ike had last winter – a scosh thicker than his summer one with some longer goat hairs at the throat latch.  It will be interesting to see what happens since this will be Ike’s second winter in Virginia.  I’m keeping fingers crossed that Ike’s winter coat is not like the bear rug that his brother grows which is impossible to keep clean.

Today was Ike’s monthly shoeing and I had to get in a full day on the job, so there was no riding.  Such is the life of the average amateur rider who has to work to pay for my expensive hobby.  Ike’s monthly shoe budget is larger than mine.  The last pair of shoes I purchased was a new pair of cross trainers two months ago.  My feet are definitely more neglected than his – I can count on ONE finger the number of pedicures that I have had in my lifetime.  We all have to make choices about how to spend our time and our money.  Do I regret not having Imelda’s shoe closet or pretty pedicured feet?  Heck no!  Wouldn’t change a thing…except for that dull summer coat.

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